Drive farther, by saving with the OTA Marketplace!

Introducing a new OTA partnership with CrownSource!

The Ohio Trucking Association is excited to announce that, in collaboration with CrownSource, we have launched the OTA Marketplace, a next-generation eProcurement Platform. This platform combines an easy-to-use eCommerce Marketplace with a web-enabled Procure-to-Pay (P2P) purchasing system which delivers discounted prices on nearly three million items needed to manage your day-to-day business. The OTA Marketplace – which is FREE to OTA Members – improves operational efficiency and maximizes profitability for any trucking company, no matter how big or small.

For OTA members with large fleets and/ or multiple locations, this centralized procurement system delivers unique management controls and savings by streamlining and accelerating the purchase order requisition, approval, creation and transmission, as well as the invoicing, three-way matching, and settlement processes – reducing the time and resources spent reconciling exceptions.

Want to add a current, local supplier to the platform?  No problem, they can be added to your system within your OTA Marketplace account. The bottom line is the OTA Marketplace will eliminate complexity and free up your time and resources so your buyers and management can focus on activities that more directly impact your business.

For small to mid-sized OTA Members, you too get the benefits of these operational efficiencies plus deep discounts that only the largest trucking companies typically get.

To get your company activated on the OTA Marketplace, CrownSource needs to set up your OTA Marketplace account with the person who manages your company’s operational expenses. A CrownSource account manager will walk your controller, accountant, or operations lead through a brief, customized demo of the OTA Marketplace eCommerce and eProcurement platform highlighting the spend management features relevant to your company.

The Ohio Trucking Association, in collaboration with CrownSource, is excited to bring this huge value to our members.


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