Volunteer Appreciation Day 2018

In our society, there seems to be a day that recognizes anything and everything. April 20, 2018 marks Volunteer Recognition Day. Just as we celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Week by recognizing our outstanding drivers, we celebrate Volunteer Recognition Day by recognizing our outstanding volunteers.

If you Google “What is a trade association?” you will receive various definitions from multiple results. To put it simply, an association is a collaboration of people or organizations in a specific business or trade that have come together to promote common interests. Most often, these trade associations are governed by a board of volunteer members of the association. Not only is the Ohio Trucking Association governed by the membership, but we are fueled by the thoughts, concerns, ideas, and issues brought forth by our volunteer leaders, as well as each and every member. OTA would like to take Volunteer Recognition Day to thank our members and volunteers who engage actively with our association.

Our Board of Trustees is made up of 25 OTA member representatives, who volunteer their time to the association by giving strategic foresight and vision and serve as the association’s leadership team. They give their time to attend board meetings, board retreats, meet with legislative leaders, testify on legislation at the Ohio Statehouse, and more. If you are interested in the process of serving on the Board of Trustees, please contact President & CEO Thomas A. Balzer for more information.

Pictured below are OTA Board of Trustees Officers:

The Ohio Trucking Association has five committees and two councils comprised of individuals representing various carriers and allied partners for the trucking and transportation industry. Our committees include: Governance Committee; the Finance Committee; the Strategic Planning Committee; Legislative Committee, and; the Member Services Committee. Our councils include: Ohio Trucking Safety Council, and; Ohio Trucking Maintenance Council. Each of these committees and councils are comprised of volunteer leaders who give their time to participant in calls and in-person meetings in an effort to promote the mission and vision of the association and the industry. The committees and councils both assist the association in its knowledge of current industry trends and address any issues by giving their input and assistance in the organization of education/ development materials. If you would like to volunteer for one of these committees or councils, please contact our Executive Assistant, Becky Calvin, for more information.



Last year, the Ohio Trucking Association introduced one of its most successful programs to date: Team 88. Team 88 is a micro-advocacy effort that allows for OTA to have members in each of Ohio’s 88 counties who are expected to engage in professional conversation on trucking issues with their local legislators. Virtually, our Team 88


members, who are now over 175 strong, are the “boots-on-the ground” in advocacy and legislative efforts in the state of Ohio and beyond. If you have an issue you would like to learn about how to engage with your local legislators, or already have a strong relationship with your local legislators, contact Becky Calvin for more information on how to become involved with Team 88.

Last, but certainly not least, we want to recognize the various volunteers that assist in our largest events: the Truck Driving Championship and Technician Competition. Without the judges, score-keepers, committees, volunteers, and those involved in Pre-Trip and Written Test stations, we could not make an event like TDC/ Tech-Comp, with over 900 in attendance, the success that it has grown to become.

In closing, the Ohio Trucking Association knows that there are various other individuals who make it possible for our volunteers to give the time that they do to give back to the OTA and to the industry as a whole. Therefore, we take this time to thank not only our volunteer leaders, but their staff members and families who support their efforts to become the industry leaders that they are. We are nothing without the OTA membership, and we look forward to our continued service of the trucking industry.

Thank you!   

Tom, Dianna, Sam, Becky, and Evan

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