Introducing the OTA App!

On Friday, February 9, 2018, the Ohio Trucking Association launched its own app in the App Store and Google Play. As many of you may know, 2018 serves as our 100-year anniversary as an association, and as the discussion of technological advancements within the industry continues to heat up, we want to embrace those opportunities to further connect with our members while still acknowledging the history of our association that led us to this point.

The app serves as a digital compilation of what we do for the trucking industry and how our members and other industry professionals can get involved in speaking on behalf of the trucking industry, receiving help from OTA along the way. We hope that through our new app, you feel that you can stay connected to the association wherever you go, knowing that the Ohio Trucking Association’s support of your organization is just a tap or click away.

Our app includes information on different ways to get involved within the association, details on calendar events and educational programming, and links to help you register for events and learn more about our efforts within the industry and beyond.

This advancement in association technology was a direct result of the feedback that members, like you, gave in the OTA 2017 Membership Survey. We thank our members for this, by showcasing them throughout the app. This includes photos and videos of various events in which many of our members participate. Our app serves as a celebration of those individuals who make the association’s success possible!

We encourage you to download the app through Google Play or the App Store by searching “Ohio Trucking Association” and see how the OTA is along for the long haul.

OTA App – Google Play

OTA App – Apple App Store

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