Don Fisher – Finalist

Don Fisher has been a member of the Wooster Motor Ways team since 2000. He has been on the road for 39 years. Behind the wheel of his truck, Don has racked up 3,000,000 safe miles.

Don has been recognized by Wooster Motor Ways as a constant professional. He does his best to perform his job flawlessly each and every day, and is not afraid to share his successes and areas of growth with the young drivers in the fleet.

In March 2015, Don saved lives with his selfless driving experience and technique. As he drove down Route 250, about ten miles from the Wooster terminal, an unexpected snow storm hit. Little did Don know that a sheet of black ice lay ahead and one gust of wind would soon blind him from seeing anything less than a few feet in front of his truck. Don was also unaware that there had been an accident ahead and there was a seven-car pile-up; drivers were out of their cars not too far up the road. With quick reaction speed, Don saw the pile up in front of him and steered right into a deep ditch to avoid disaster. This selfless and quick action saved many lives. This event and Don’s overall safe driving record is why Wooster Motor Ways is proud to call him one of their own.

As National Truck Driver Appreciation Week comes to a close, the Ohio Trucking Association is happy to recognize Donald Fisher of Wooster Motor Ways as well as all other drivers who keep America moving! Thank you.

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