Nardip Singh Mavi – Finalist

Nardip Mavi is a driver for TRANSInternational System and has driven over 2,142,000 during his 28 years on the road. Nardip is a loyal member of the TRANSInternational Team and delights fellow workers with his friendly personality and inspiring customer service.

Whether it is one of his own or another company’s drivers, Nadip is always happy to assist fellow drivers with the challenges they face at the rail yards. This is just one example of Nadip’s focus on safety and routine maintenance, which keep our roads safe.

Nadip is involved in his church and his community. A father of two, Nadip credits his success to his loving wife who helps at home. TRANSInternational Safety Director, Steve Zsulya, says, “We are blessed to have such a driver in our daily schedule. His kindness and his sense of humor brings all of the drivers closer as a team. He is a dedicated family man and a dedicated owner/operator for our company.”

The Ohio Trucking Association is proud to recognize Nardip’s efforts on National Driver Appreciation Week.

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