Dennis Mauder – Finalist

Dennis Mauder recalls at a very young age that he knew exactly what he wanted to be. His friends all talked of being a police officer or firefighter but he had his sights on being a professional truck driver. Growing up near the Ohio Turnpike in Berea, Ohio, he would lay in bed and listen to the semis rolling up and down the turnpike, imagining himself running team to all parts of the country. When he couldn’t find enough kids to get a ballgame together, Dennis would sit on the hillside along the turnpike and identify every make and model of truck that ran east and west.

Dennis truly feels blessed in his chosen career; this is exemplified every day as he drives for Pitt Ohio Express, where he has been given the opportunity to drive in 49 states and every Canadian province. He also cherishes the time he has with his wife, Vanessa. One thing is for sure; Dennis does not take any of this for granted.

Dennis’s international travels have taken him outside of Canada. He has competed in the Australian Truck Driving Championship. Though there may have been a language or cultural barrier, one thing he has not forgotten is the importance of safety when driving truck.

Dennis has been a driver trainer throughout his whole career with Pitt Ohio, and has even taken his talent to Green Bay, Wisconsin, where he taught a course on skid recovery. One driver thanked Dennis for teaching him the basics that earned him a Two Million Safe Miles Driven Award.

The Ohio Trucking Association is happy to celebrate Dennis on National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

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