Mark Spencer – 2016 Driver of the Year

Our 2016 Driver of the Year, Mark Spencer, has not only been an exemplary employee for over 34 years for both Roadway and YRC Freight, but he has worked his way up the ladder, from a dock worker, to a yardman, to a city P&D driver. His passion is safety, and he wants to ensure that everyone returns home to their families at the end of the day. His safety involvement has been focused on three main areas:

Mark has volunteered and participated in safety demonstrations at the Akron terminal. He sat on safety committees, conducted pre-shift presentations, and participated in extensive training in various areas. He is most proud of assisting new drivers obtain their CDLs, as well as working with new drivers in a finishing school setting, helping them to polish their driving, sharpen their computer skills, and perfect their customer service skills.

For over 20 years, Mark has worked in partnership with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, presenting No-Zone demonstrations to the Ohio motoring public at various fairs and festivals. Mark and his wife, Cathy, have led the No-Zone team that has ultimately planted seeds in the minds of thousands of people about driving safely in and around commercial vehicles in order to avoid accidents. In recent years, he has expanded his safety message to include points about the importance of wearing your seatbelt and how to avoid distracted driving.

Mark has been fortunate to have been hand selected to participate in a very unique program – possibly the only one of its kind in the country – that involves training law enforcement officers, from numerous agencies, concerning commercial vehicles. Some of this training has been conducted at the Patrol Academy, but most police academies do not have sufficient equipment or time to demonstrate the proper safety protocol on the basics of a semi-tractor trailer. The training involves everything from the proper way to approach a semi-tractor trailer to crash investigation education.

At the 2017 Driver of the Year Banquet, YRC said that they feel honored to have Mark Spencer as a part of the team and as the 2016 OTA Driver of the Year. Mark has driven truck for 32 years and has 1,500,000 safe miles on the treads of his tires. As America kicks off National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, the Ohio Trucking Association proudly recognizes Mark Spencer.

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